SEO Expert Predictions 2023

SEO Expert | To stay on top of search engine rankings and be ahead of the competition, it’s important to make sure your website is optimized correctly. And while there are countless ways to do that, our #1 tip is to always look at the direction Google’s algorithm will take in the next few years.

With the constant changes in Google’s algorithm, predicting what Google will do next isn’t easy. Every few months there’s another change, another algorithm update and it can feel like you’re playing catch up. This can make it hard for businesses to stay on top of Google rankings. If you aren’t following best practices and aren’t taking advantage of all those little tricks that Google hasn’t discovered yet, then your business is missing out on conversions and sales growth.

More Sponsored Ads and Less Organic Results

Google has been reducing the number of organic search results for certain keywords. Previously, there were typically 10 organic results, but now some searches produce as few as 5. As a result of these lower organic results, more sponsored ads will be displayed on the search results page. It is probable that this change is due to understanding user intent beyond the search box, through data triangulation. Google can provide more relevant results more quickly by knowing users’ IP addresses or mobile serial numbers. In the future, it may not be necessary to have 10 search results on the first page. Most users do not even look at the fifth through tenth results. Therefore, Google may choose to display only 5 organic search results. And prioritize sponsored ads, other extensions, or advanced listings.

Technical SEO Rising Value

Our expert SEO and Google algorithm predictions for 2023 are most content marketers usually concentrate on optimizing the content itself when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). This involves creating high-quality; grammatically correct content that resonates with the reader, conducting keyword research, and strategizing site structure to guide Google on where to find the most important content and the relationships between pages. However, in the coming year, there will be a growing focus on technical SEO, which involves enhancing the website’s technical aspects that have a significant impact on both user experience and ranking. Technical SEO encompasses the following:

  • Evaluating the website for speed issues and loading errors
  • Optimizing it for mobile devices
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Ensuring that links are functional
  • Using robots.txt files, crawl-delay directives, and access restrictions to direct and regulate Google’s crawling process

How Google Detects AI?

Google has always favored content that is meaningful, engaging, and relevant to its readers. However, with AI-generated content becoming increasingly prevalent, it will be interesting to see how Google adapts to detecting and ranking content created by machines rather than humans. While Google previously had an almost outright ban on AI-generated content, its approach has become more nuanced. It now aims to restrict AI-generated SEO spam and low-quality text while promoting high-quality content. As the methodology for detecting ChatGPT content and other AI-generated copy continues to develop, Google’s response to it will likely evolve as well. This is especially important because if many marketers start using AI to produce basic content, Google will need to find a way to detect this progress.

What SEO Expert Thinks About Voice Search?

Despite numerous SEO predictions suggesting that voice search would become a popular trend, it has not materialized. Even though some may have believed in this prediction at some point, it remains untrue. Therefore, voice search will not become a popular trend in 2023 and beyond. Instead, SEO specialists will continue to focus on written-word SEO. Although there may be more SEO predictions that I can share, it would require some refining to make them clearer.