Amex Car Rental

Amex Car Rental
Dubai, UAE

About project

Amex is a Dubai-based company that specializes in providing rental cars. It offers a large fleet of rental cars from all major brands. Since its launch, Amex has become one of the most popular car rental companies in Dubai. It attributes its success to its commitment to providing excellent customer service and offering competitive prices. If you are a Dubai resident or a tourist, Amex invites you to try its service the next time you need to rent a car.

Services provided by us

We are 99creativeideas- a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai. While looking for a way to increase their online presence, Amex Car Rental has since hired us to help them with their web & app development, SEO, and content strategy through the use of social media posts and website updates.

Company Values & The Relationship

Our company values are centered around building a strong and positive relationship with our customers. 

We believe that trust, transparency, and respect are the foundation of any healthy service-provider and customer relationship. Therefore, we make sure these values are reflected in all of our digital marketing efforts. To build loyalty with our customers and stand out from competitors, we need to strengthen our relationship with them. This creates a positive image of our brand in their minds.

Challenge & Solution

Before hiring our services, the Amex Cars website was just a name without any data and on-page SEO. Our team has worked on the Web Development and On-Page SEO sections. The possible solutions that we gave to the client are:

  • making the website well-organized
  • giving it a strong structure and navigation
  • making all pages easily accessible with minimal clicks
  • fixing slow page loading times
  • lowering bouncing rate
  • boosting search engine rankings
  • optimizing images and videos
  • reducing the use of plugins
  • implementing caching to speed up page load times
  • uploading pages’ data and high-quality content
  • adding keywords
  • hyper linking internal pages
  • working on SEO Yoast (along with proper Slug, SEO Title, and Meta Description) 
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