Dubai, UAE

About project

UCars is a new car-sharing service based in a bustling city of Dubai. The company aims to revolutionize car ownership for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The idea behind UCars is straightforward: to provide consumers an inexpensive, easily accessible, and ecologically responsible car-sharing service. Customers may simply reserve a car online with UCars and pick it up whenever it’s convenient for them from a specified location. Because of its pay-per-use business strategy, the firm is appealing to individuals who don’t require a car frequently.

Services provided by us

We are 99CreativeIdeas, a leading digital marketing agency based in Dubai. UCars hired us to manage their social media and increase their online presence.

As UCars’ social media manager, we develop and execute a social media strategy reflecting their values and brand. Our goal is to increase their brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and ultimately, boost sales.

Company Values & The Relationship

Building a strong relationship with our clients is our core value. At 99CreativeIdeas, we prioritize sustainability, accessibility, and convenience. We believe in making things easy for our customers. While we ensure our actions have a positive impact on the environment.

Plus, we keep everything transparency so that our customers can easily trust us. And our team is always there to serve them with regards of digital marketing efforts.

Challenge & Solution

UCars had a tough time building trust and recognition for their brand in a fiercely competitive market. 99creativeideas tackled the challenge by developing a social media strategy.

Our strategy was to build a strong brand identity and engage potential customers using various tactics. These include:

  • creating shareable content
  • running social media contests
  • responding promptly to customer inquiries
  • creating a consistent visual style and messaging across all social media platforms
  • collaborating with influencers and bloggers to promote UCars and drive traffic to its website

Our social media management efforts helped UCars grow their following, leading to increased brand recognition and trust. This resulted in more bookings and helped UCars achieve its goal of providing affordable and sustainable transportation to urban dwellers.

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